Maintaining A Website

You have two options for keeping your website up to date. You can do it or we can do it for you.

If you choose to do it yourself, you need to have access to or own website software such as Contribute or Dreamweaver or know how to build HTML code.

You can rent Contribute on a monthly basis for just those months you wish to refresh and update your website.
Contribute allows you to change only existing text and images. This is wise because you don’t want you to accidentally erase files that create your website.

You can send your requested changes to us and we will post them within seven business days.

To do it for you our fee is $45/hour for updates to existing pages. We can do a lot in an hour.
Preparing photos for web use is $8/photograph. We will crop, size, enhance color, remove telephone wires, etc and optimize for quick loading.

Do It Yourself Fees:
Contribute $24.95/month
Set-up fee is $25.

The Contribute connection wizard will ask you:
“How do you connect to your web server?”
FTP (file transfer protocol)

“What is the name of your FTP server?”
For example ours is

"What is the FTP user name?"
We will assign you a user name.

"What is the FTP password?"
We will assign you a password.


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