Where to Start

A good website team will talk to you in language you understand. You will need a domain name, a hosting space on the Internet, browser safe text and graphics, a user friendly site that provides information quickly, registration with major search engines, keywords and metatags and a plan to promote your website.

Make sure that you have a contract that guarantees that you own your website design and your domain name. There is no reason for the developer to own your site unless he intends to hold you hostage for future price increases.

There really are design elements that will enhance your website. Give us the opportunity to use our knowledge to create a website that reflects you and your business but also makes the best use of this technology. Surfing the web is a visual experience. You have 3 seconds to hold someone's attention as they search through dozens and dozens of web pages.






State College JobsPreferredTempsInc.com

This website was developed for a staffing service. Functionality includes design, development, database and an admin where our client can maintain content themselves.

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