Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you register domain names or is there some place we need to go to do that?

I register domain names but you can do it yourself, too. I use is less expensive but I get very good service from NS so I've stayed with them. If you do register it yourself BE SURE to keep the user id and password so you can point the domain name to the correct server when you do choose a hosting company.

2) What is the cost of hosting our basic html site per month?

We charge $195/year in advance. The monthly rate is $24.95. And that plan will include 5 email boxes.

Is there a hit limit on the site for that cost? Included With Your Basic Plan: Disk Space 250.00 MB Disk File Usage: 5500.0 Files Traffic/Bandwidth: 50.00 GB We do have larger packages if you need them.

3)Would we be able to modify our website or we have to contact you to make the modifications?

Yes, you can. I can give you the FTP information you need to access the files. You will need FTP software to do the upload.

If the latter is true what would be the cost for that? $45/hour and we can do a lot in an hour. One hour is the min. charge.

4) How much would it cost for you to add a page or two to the website with respective content?

I think of a page as one screen or a little more and we charge $90/page if you provide the text and the images. I do have a photographer and we can write copy if needed.

5) How do we get the Search Engines to find our website?

We do offer Search Engine Management for a rate of $19/month with a min. of 6 months. That's a per page fee and many of our clients choose the home page and one other significant page.

Some of our clients that do their own websites have forgotten to add keywords and a metatag description. It's also very helpful to the search engines to have a single sentence near the top of the home page that describes your business.

If you host with us, we will include you, free of charge in our Local Links Directory found on the home page of Since SCC has been established for 9 years; it has an outstanding track record with the major Search Engines.

6) How long will it take for a search engine to find my site?

You should expect search sites to crawl your site about once a month. But you won't see your results right away.

It could take a few months for your site to appear in search results. If you don’t see it in three months, let us know.

7) Can I submit my site to search engines more than once to get my site to show up in the search results faster?

No, submitting your site many times is considered search engine spamming and could banish your site to supplemental results which is someplace you don't want to be.

7) Do I really need to keep track of all these user id's and passwords?

Yes. If you register your own domain names, set up pointers, rent hosting space, etc. yourself you will need all of those user id's and passwords. If we do it for you, we keep track of those items.




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